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Revenue Velocity Blueprints

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Revenue Velocity Blueprints are configurable sales process maps written specifically for your organization that dramatically transform and improve Revenue whether you are selling direct, through partners or in the channel.​

A Revenue Velocity Blueprint provides you with a documented end-to-end map of the entire selling process, from marketing to customer success, to ensure all the parts of your sales engine are working together and understand what part they play. Everyone has complete clarity of what needs to happen to move opportunities through the pipeline and turn them into closed deals.​

To develop the Blueprints, we look at your people, processes and technology, and create a bespoke sales process map that brings repeatable results.​

How Does It Work?

A Revenue Velocity Blueprint is a solution that will drive your Revenue Performance by bringing consistency, predictability, and a customer-outcome focus to your Revenue engine.

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It works by integrating Marketing, Sales, and Operational Strategy with Customer Success, allowing you to create the conditions for sales excellence that can be followed by every seller and embedded into your unique way of selling.

Our blueprint creation process begins with mapping the sales operating 'norms' as they currently exist. We will examine buying and selling stages, tools, processes, metrics, and barriers to sales operational performance.

We then co-create the Blueprint itself with you, blending in our Infinite Selling concepts, to ensure the Blueprint fits your organisation perfectly and can be adopted successfully.

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What Do You Get Out Of It?

The Revenue Velocity Blueprint allows you to create the necessary conditions for sales excellence that can be followed by every seller, and embedded into your unique way of selling. Working as a team, our consultants and your leadership co-create a bespoke Blueprint, which gives you:

  • A single version of the truth for how opportunities are managed, fully aligned to how your customers actually buy from you.
  • A process document integrating the contributions of every role that helps get a deal over the line, underpinned by best practices, tools, and the right metrics for every sales stage.
  • A configurable process map that evolves as your company evolves, designed to improve the value and volume of your sales pipeline and the overall velocity of your sales by targeting the critical variable of sales productivity.
  • A sales management coaching tool and onboarding tool that is without equal. 
  • A wireframe for future CRM optimization and integration to further embed your new Revenue approach.
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