Revenue Intelligence

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Partnering with our friends at Ebsta, Mentor Group can provide you with real-time Revenue insights that drive growth and success. This includes revolutionary relationship scoring, opportunity scoring, pipeline analytics, and forecasting support that transform the capabilities of your current CRM.

Why Do You Need Revenue Intelligence?

The Revenue Intelligence solution is incredibly versatile, providing critical insights in a range of key performance areas, from sales managers looking to identify where to allocate resources, to business leaders wanting to understand the effectiveness of their sales engine, to quarterly reports that highlight the impact of Revenue Enablement activities.

Turn CRM Data Into Meaningful Actions

  • Reveal whether your sales activity is effective or not
  • Improve rep performance by revealing the inner workings of every deal
  • Capture all activity instantly and automatically
  • Sync every email, meeting, and missing contact directly into your CRM
  • Spot deals at risk in real-time
  • Design intelligent sales plays
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Close More Deals  By Making Better Decisions

  • Understand what is happening with opportunity in real time - deep dive into every account and opportunity. See the activity, understand how they are performing, and take action to steer them in the right direction.
  • Track sales activity across the customer journey -  understand whether prospects and customers are engaging with your sales activity, and see when they've gone silent.
  • Stop wasting time on admin tasks - automatically capture every email sent, every meeting booked, and every contact engaged, and free up your time to focus on the tasks that truly drive the sales process forwards
  • Detect and remedy deals at risk - spot opportunities which are poorly engaged, in a stage too long, or that don't have any meetings booked, and take proactive steps to fix the problem.
  • Enhance manager-to-rep 1-2-1s - spend time addressing deal risk and identifying next steps with complete opportunity visibility, eliminating time wasted spent trying to understand what's been happening
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