Revenue Leadership Transformation

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Focused on Revenue Leaders and their unique challenges, our Revenue Leadership Transformation programs help leaders achieve their full potential through targeted enablement sessions delivered by our experienced enablement consultants.

Why Do You Need Revenue Leadership Transformation?

In these difficult times, too many businesses are experiencing these common challenges. The highest achievers are overcoming them by harnessing three powerful opportunities to reach ambitious growth targets.

Common Challenges

  • Global downturn increasing costs & competition
  • Not enough salespeople hitting quota
  • Low quantity and poor quality pipeline
  • Low conversion rates
  • Inaccurate and unpredictable forecasting
  • Excessive customer churn
  • Wasting time and money on underperforming GTM segments
  • Siloed customer-facing teams creating disjointed buying experiences that lose revenue and increase costs
  • Keeping up with buyer demand
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Powerful Opportunities

Investing in scalable growth initiatives to transform and align client facing teams to reduce inefficiency and increase effectiveness


Identifying and reducing spend on underperforming GTM segments and marketing; reallocating resources to high performing programs and more lucrative market segments


Improving the Value, Volume, and Velocity of your sales pipeline to improve predictability and increase both Revenue and EBITDA, and therefore achieving your growth targets

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How Does It Work?

Too many businesses try and fail to meet the demands of their current sales environment by implementing another ‘new’ training, go-to-market approach or technology platform that  may offer new skills, routes to market or ways to integrate data, but does not change mindsets or align the siloed teams that use it.

The solution is an integrated go-to-market alignment framework—with a top-down and bottom-up approach. This can start with a new leadership role, moving from Chief of Sales to Chief Revenue Officer. But this is more than a change of job title.

It is about creating a new company-wide commercial culture led by the board and the executive leadership team together, spearheaded by the CRO, who is empowered to be the GTM conductor and orchestrator.

This represents a critical move away from siloed leaders and teams into a company-wide transformation, done either at speed, or as part of a more organic 'continuous improvement' approach—if time is on your side.

Our Alignment Framework

We offer a three-stage process to align and embed the right transformation program for your unique challenges and opportunities.

Assess, Align, Design

Assessing the environment and aligning on how best to redesign for growth and change. Setting the foundations for effective company, GTM, and client alignment.
• Assess commercial culture and market
• Board, leadership, and GTM team culture, charter and scorecard design
• New organization design
• Broader stakeholder alignment

Leading For Change

Going beyond change management to enabling collaborative leadership skills and knowledge to lead change with active followers and future leaders.
• Change leadership upskill program
- Leading change and transformation
- Ethical influence and persuasion
- Storytelling for leaders
• Preparing for launch and communications

Embedding Alignment

Launching new organisation design for Revenue Leaders, integrating GTM teams - product marketing, sales, and customer success.
• (Re)launch GTM team and strategy
• Value prop redesign
• GTM Planning
• Demand generation engine redesign
• Lead/opportunity management redesign
• RevOps strategy execution and cadence
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