Our People - Leadership Team


Matt Webb

Chief Executive Officer

Since joining Mentor Group in 2007, Matt has held and excelled in a number of roles in the business, and he continues to leverage his significant expertise and experience across Revenue Transformation and Revenue Enablement to secure and grow new business.

James Barton Profile

James Barton

Chief Solutions Officer

James brings over 25 years of commercial, sales, sales enablement, technology and learning development experience and is focused on developing the next generation of digital learning and applications to clients across the globe.

Jack Smith Official

Jack Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Jack oversees our Business Finance Function, including back office processes and procedures. He has a proven history of completing automation projects to handle significant levels of transactional data, and approaches issues with an innovative mindset.

lisa o

Lisa Ojomoh

Interim Chief Revenue Officer

Lisa is a leader with huge drive and passion, bringing extensive experience of consistently delivering results. With more than twenty years within the pharmaceutical industry, Lisa is a dedicated performance coach and facilitator, and brings invaluable insight and direction in her role as interim CRO.

Jane Hall

Jane Hall

Non-Executive Director

Jane brings over 30 years experience as a Chartered Accountant and Non-Executive Director. She has a proven track record of delivering strong growth and successful M&A as well as extensive knowledge of corporate finance and governance.

Hannah Rolls

Hannah Rolls

Head of Operations

Joining the business in 2010, Hannah works as the central pillar of our Sales Operations team, supporting Products, Resourcing and Quality Assurance. Her background in our Solution Enablement team has helped her serve as a crucial bridge between multiple parts of the business.

Zoe Bignell

Zoe Bignell

Solution Enablement Team Manager

Since joining Mentor Group, Zoe has been an integral part of our success, ensuring we deliver exceptional client satisfaction globally. She guarantees our Solution Enablement Team are fully supported in their roles and are aligned to our Solution Enablement Centre.

Shanice Huggins

Shanice Blower

Solution Enablement Team Leader

Working alongside Zoe to head up the Solution Enablement team, Shanice brings invaluable experience and leadership to her role and to the entire team, whilst maintaining crucial relationships in a client-facing capacity. 

Mark Neave

Mark Neave

Group Brand & Marketing Manager

Mark boasts a wealth of experience leading pan-European sales, commercial negotiations and product management on behalf of large multi-national companies. He is responsible for managing Mentor Group's world-class services, and the Mentor Group brand.

Our Consultants

We've built a world-class team of consultants with global coverage and enterprise-level intelligence and experience.

North America & Canada


Bill Taylor - Based in San Diego, California, Bill is committed to supporting B2B sales organizations sell more often, for more money, faster than ever before by helping them experience self-discovery, unleash potential for transformation, deliver results and enjoy personal fulfillment where they live, work, play and serve.


Steve Grossman - For more than 30 years, Steve has consulted to senior management teams globally on Sales Compensation and Sales Organization Performance issues with particular emphasis on helping clients navigate through the difficult process of driving change in a sales environment.


Steve Promisel - Steve is an accomplished executive with deep experience in building and leading revenue operations, customer success and professional services teams, working with companies to optimize revenue-impacting processes and the use of advanced analytics with an additional focus on integrating sales technologies and learning platforms.


Jeff Propp - Jeff is a results-driven interpersonal professional, highly effective in written and verbal communication and motivated by working for the benefit of people.


Kerry Sweet - With over 20 years experience in marketing, training, and sales and leadership development, Kerry is an accomplished, results-driven leader proven expertise leading the development of effective and innovative strategies and campaigns. Specializing particularly in revenue enablement and ABM, Kerry has an undeniable track record of driving success of enterprise tech companies.


Michael Diefenbach - Michael is an insightful, creative professional communicator who helps organizations plan, craft and deliver more powerful messaging. He sharpens content with truly differentiating positioning, meaningful claims and solid support and imagery and helps clients craft and deliver mission-critical presentations and pitches, becoming more comfortable, confident and effective public speakers.


Paul McCarthy - Walking an untraditional path to sales coaching and leadership, Paul serves as a dedicated guide to help Boards, C Suite, the HR Community (VP, Director, Business Partner), and Chief Disruption Officers reinvent and regenerate the future of leadership using an evidence-based, experiential and experimental approach.

United Kingdom


Chris Norton - Chris is passionate about achieving transformation and productivity growth through repeatable and sustainable sales enablement blueprint DNA. He has a long-standing career in Technology and Change Management roles, transforming and defining the way technical and customer services’ models are implemented.


David Cuffley - As a senior consultant with Mentor, David is an experienced and successful Account Manager who works with global clients to develop their people and their businesses through the focused application of structured development programs. David adds value by ensuring that solutions are innovative, robust and sustainable within the business.


Shirley Densham - Shirley helps her clients and partners transform sales performance, and develops management teams in both enterprise and SMB environments. Shirley is a strong believer in evaluating impact and embedding behavioural change and has 25 years of experience in sales and marketing.


John Phillips - Having spent over 20 years working for large corporations across a range of market sectors and a further 13 years as an independent consultant, John has acquired a deep understanding of pragmatic organisational performance enablement solutions that ‘do what they say on the tin’.


Christina Tuft - With an extensive background in new business acquisition, and a clear understanding of the need to focus on personal and behavioural skills, to have maximum impact on sales performance, Christina excels at driving change through collaboration, problem solving and bringing together all the skills necessary to deliver growth.


Simon Hazeldine - Simon has had over 15 years of experience in senior sales, sales management and leadership roles with one of the world’s leading FMCG companies and was head of their sales training academy and subsequently head of leadership and talent development operating on an international basis.


Richard Keown - Richard has 25 years’ experience of leading cross-functional, international teams to develop and implement strategies and operational models for sustainable growth. He is adept at growing sustainable businesses in multiple territories, working collaboratively with stakeholders in complex organisational structures, and a track record of creating and driving new business.


Emma Nadin - Emma has over 20 years of experience in senior sales, sales training, and leadership. She demonstrates a proven track record of driving results through effective leadership and coaching at any level of an organisation.


David Graham - David develops sales teams and strategy to deliver performance and bottom line results, with proven results across a diverse span of industries and geographies with some of the largest organisations in the world.


Duncan McNeill - With a depth of experience in consultancy, performance coaching, and program management, Duncan works as a designer and coach to move the needle on sales performance where it matters most for your organisation.


Kathryn Mitchell - Kathryn supports and encourages leaders to identify and take small, courageous steps towards their best self. With a background in PR, before several senior roles in IT, Kathyrn works as an executive and business coach to a wide variety of leaders across many industries including, energy, construction, pharmaceutical, healthcare, start ups, legal, media, and education.


Simon Jackson - With over 28 years of experience in sales and sales management, Simon's transition to coaching is built on a simple principle. For Simon, coaching is all about a professional partnership that facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning, and personal growth. It’s a relationship that supports the achievement of extraordinary results based on clearly defined goals, and is founded on mutual trust and respect.


Jo Haines - Jo is an experienced performance consultant, instructional designer, and program manager. She is enthusiastic, an excellent communicator, and is always able to understand and influence customer situations and interactions for mutual success.




René van Stein - Part of the Mentor Group team for 9 years, René is an experienced sales coach and consultant, with experience in communications and NLP that helps his clients develop their knowledge, awareness, skills and improve their mentality.


Maciej Borkowski - Maciej is passionate about helping people perform, his sales training experience is honed by years of experience in sales and sales management roles within large pharmaceutical companies. Maciej is recognised as a supportive leader and consultant with positive results.


Matt Demery - Matt began his sales career with multinational information technology company after holding roles in both the finance and operations functions. His sales experience includes selling to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), government, charities and educational institutions.


Maria Camblor - Maria is a results-driven talent developer who seeks to understand the business needs and opportunities, collaborate to design the strategy and engage with individual contributors, teams and managers to implement new and more effective working methodologies.


Armin Klug - As a proven leader in Sales and Marketing, Armin brings a wealth of experience in organisational leadership and personal development to Mentor Group. He is fiercely committed to developing people and generating impact at every level of an organisation.


Thomas Unger - Thomas specialises in driving transformation in three critical ways: sustainably increasing sales performance, utilising the most effective and up to date acquisition models, and organic talent attraction through repetable revenue growth.


Dider Malnoury - Boasting more than 35 years of experience in the corporate world, Didier helps sellers and sales leaders remain agile and adaptable in an ever-changing business landscape to drive meaningful organisational change.


Giorgio Carnesecchi - A dedicated coach, facilitator, and consultant, Giorgio has more than 20000 hours of training experience, facilitating and coaching more than 8000 people, ranging from C-level to operative people. He has also published more than 30 scientific papers, working at CERN in Geneva.


Manuel Matos - Manuel is an internationally-recognised facilitator, coach, and consultant in a diverse range of skills, including leadership, sales, negotiation, and communications. His experience and expertise enables him to help people go above and beyond their usual levels of understanding and performance, and achieve results they would never have been capable of achieving previously.

Latin America


Helton Haddad - Helton Haddad Silva is a consultant and a professor with many years of experience in strategic marketing and sales planning, management and execution. Helton has experience in delivering training and consultancy to global and local companies in the Brazilian market, interacting with managers from Latin America, North America and Europe.


Fabio Salaverry - Fabio has over thirty years of experience in the commercial area (mainly in retail), acquired both in sales and in purchase with multinational and large Brazilian companies. In the last ten years, Fabio has helped Sales Executives, Sales Managers and Directors to outperform through training and coaching in cutting-edge techniques and concepts on communication and influence.


Evandro Tenca - Evandro boasts more than 28 years of experience in management and consulting across a diverse range of organisations. He developed and mentored the creation of several Strategic Marketing Plans in Professional MBA courses and in Companies of different sectors and sizes - having a differentiated expertise in the analysis of a company's competitiveness, its strategic formulation and the design of action plans for execution.


Christopher Butler - Based in Brazil, Christopher collaborates with many of the world's most successful organizations to create lasting, positive change by empowering teams to communicate, lead, sell, and perform at their best.


Asia Pacific


Lyn Karnstedt - Lyn has over 25 years of sales, sales management and sales training and development experience. She has spent the last 10 years working in Asia Pacific, Japan and Australia at Director level driving sales in high tech companies through strategic people and organisation development programs.


Megan Spackman - Meg is a highly experienced facilitator, with thirty years of experience facilitating sales, leadership and customer service training for a wealth of client organisations throughout Australia. These clients operate in many and varied markets including banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, medical, chemical, logistics, IT, manufacturing and distribution.


Titus Chui - Titus has 35 years of experience in learning and development, of which 27 years were involved in senior level management development programs. His areas of expertise are management and supervision, customer service, sales, organisation development and human resources consulting.


Ben Chung - Ben's mission is to help individuals and organisations succeed by inspiring and encouraging them to truly find themselves. Ben is a senior facilitator and a professional business coach of sales and leadership training, specialising in performance management, culture change, execution, and trust.