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Revenue Consultancy

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As specialists in Revenue Transformation, we have a wealth of experience in identifying the critical bottlenecks that prevent your organization from experiencing tangible revenue growth.

Our Consultancy solutions integrate seamlessly into any organization, turning data into insight, and insight into action, to build a clear pathway to Revenue Transformation.

Our Revenue Consultancy Solutions

Our powerful approach to Revenue Consultancy is driven by four key solutions; a Revenue Velocity Assessment, the Revenue Velocity Diagnostic, Revenue Velocity Blueprints, and Client Insights

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Revenue Velocity Assessment

Designed to help organizations take their first steps in understanding how ready they are, our Revenue Velocity Assessment is an online questionnaire that will provide you with a detailed overview of your areas of strength and areas that may need your attention.

The comprehensive report gives you insight across the four key areas of Revenue Velocity:

  • Go To Market
  • Revenue Metrics
  • Talent
  • Technology
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Revenue Velocity Diagnostic

A powerful diagnostic report, powered by our partners at Ebsta, the Revenue Velocity Diagnostic provides a comprehensive report and insights into an organization’s Revenue performance by deep diving and inspecting critical sales data and seller behaviors.

With over $37bn of pipeline data at their disposal, the Revenue Velocity Diagnostic can also benchmark you against other companies for a comprehensive view of your position within the marketplace.

It moves data, through insight, into action to help you know where to put your focus for maximum results.

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Revenue Velocity Blueprints

Revenue Velocity Blueprints are configurable sales process maps written specifically for your organization that dramatically transform and improve Revenue whether you are selling direct, through partners or in the channel.​

A Revenue Velocity Blueprint provides you with a documented end-to-end map of the entire selling process, from marketing to customer success, to ensure all the parts of your sales engine are working together and understand what part they play. Everyone has complete clarity of what needs to happen to move opportunities through the pipeline and turn them into closed deals.​

To develop the Blueprints, we look at your people, processes and technology, and create a bespoke sales process map that brings repeatable results.​

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Client Insights

Mentor Group has partnered with Cognis Consulting to offer a Client Insights service that drives improved sales effectiveness by uncovering the hidden factors that influence client buying decisions. By understanding these, we enable Sellers to focus every action on what matters most to their prospects.

We use our experience of being on both sides of the buying and selling table and our independent status to speak directly with your client stakeholders in a way you cannot.​

We discover their “outside-in” buying experience to identify what really moves the needle for them and what needs to be improved. We also explore how they went about their buying journey from start to finish for a comprehensive picture of what they need, and when they need it.

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