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Revenue Enablement

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Enablement is far more than just a fancy word for training. We leverage proven best practice and the latest technology to create powerful learning solutions aligned perfectly to the skill gaps within your business, delivered in-person, virtually, or completely digitally.

Every program is backed up by reinforcement frameworks that boost knowledge retention and consolidate performance gains.

Our Revenue Enablement Solutions

Our powerful approach to Revenue Consultancy is driven by four key solutions; a Revenue Velocity Assessment, the Revenue Velocity Diagnostic, Revenue Velocity Blueprints, and Client Insights

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INFINITE Selling Methodology

Based on the work from our new Infinite Selling book, we look to work with all parts of the Revenue team to embed the INFINITE Selling Methodology. This methodology challenges the traditional inwardly-focused mentality of sellers, and in conjunction with next-generation selling tools, is designed to meet the complex needs of today’s buyers by asking eight questions:

  • Interest - How do we generate interest?
  • Need - How can we best establish the need?
  • Friction - How can we reduce the friction?
  • Intent - How can the buyer and seller understand the other's intent?
  • Navigate - How can we navigate to discover the best solution?
  • Inspire - How can we inspire progressive next steps?
  • Timing - How can we ensure the timing is right?
  • Execute - How can we help them execute their next steps?
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Revenue Leadership Transformation

Focused on Revenue Leaders and their unique challenges, our Revenue Leadership Transformation programs help leaders achieve their full potential through targeted enablement sessions delivered by our experienced enablement consultants.

Areas we cover include (but are not limited to):

  • CRO Transition
  • Revenue Management
  • Data/CRM Literacy
  • Leadership & Development
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • PRISM Profiling
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Revenue Talent Transformation

Focused on your Revenue Talent, our Revenue Talent Transformation programs will ensure your most precious assets are continually being developed, with a distinct focus on driving Revenue performance.​

Areas we cover include (but are not limited to):

  • Demand Generation
  • Value Selling
  • Key Account Management
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Negotiating Win/Win
  • Customer Success
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Revenue Intelligence

Partnering with our friends at Ebsta, Mentor Group can provide you with real-time Revenue insights that drive growth and success. This includes revolutionary relationship scoring, opportunity scoring, pipeline analytics, and forecasting support that transform the capabilities of your current CRM.

The Revenue Intelligence solution is incredibly versatile, providing critical insights in a range of key performance areas, from sales managers looking to identify where to allocate resources, to business leaders wanting to understand the effectiveness of their sales engine, to quarterly reports that highlight the impact of Revenue Enablement activities.

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